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Chatbot Powered Software Deployment for Employees

Give your employees self-service ability to install, uninstall and request new Software effortlessly.

Software Deployment

No more waiting time for Software Queries

Deploy a Software

Our AI chatbot not only provides steps but also installs the required software directly with the help of an agent application. This ensures a smooth installation process, reducing dependency on IT support.

Request New Software

Employees can easily submit software requests, specifying their needs, and our chatbot will guide them through the necessary steps, ensuring efficient processing and timely installation.

Software Deployment

Streamline Software Management, Boost Efficiency, and Productivity

  • Increased Efficiency : Reduce the workload on IT teams and accelerates the software deployment process. Save time for both employees and IT support team, resulting in increased efficiency.

  • Enhanced Employee Experience : Employees can quickly access and deploy the software they need. This results in more focus on their tasks without delays caused by software installation and setup.

Empower Your Employees with User-Friendly Software Deployment

Our chatbot is available round the clock, allowing employees to initiate software deployment tasks at their convenience. Ensure seamless software installation anytime anywhere.

Workelevate also ensures the security of software deployments, it only allows white-listed software to be installed. Employees must request admin for any software which is not whitelisted in your organization.

Our chatbot seamlessly integrates with existing communication platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, and Google Workspace, making software deployment accessible at fingertips.

Experience the efficiency of self-service software deployment with Workelevate. Book a demo today to see how it simplifies software management.

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