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Employee Support Tailored For Small & Medium Business

Remote IT Support for your SME to Achieve Big

Are you a small business looking to streamline your IT support operations? Look no further than Workelevate! Workelevate is a digital employee experience platform with live remote services, helping businesses of all sizes manage their employee IT support requests remotely.

Small Businesses

Are you facing these challenges in your workplace?

Budget Constraints
Budget Constraints
IT Expertise Gap
In-house IT Expertise Gap
Hiring & Retaining IT Staff
Hiring & Retaining IT Staff
IT Helpdesk Availability
7 Days IT Helpdesk Availability
Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance
Employee Experience & Productivity Issues
Employee Experience & Productivity Issues

Take the chaos out of your IT support operations with…

Self-Service Conversational AI

Self-Service Conversational AI

Workelevate offers a self-servicing conversational chatbot that allows end-users to resolve IT issues on their own without the need for IT service desk intervention. This feature enables faster issue resolution and enhances digital dexterity among employees. With the power of AI and natural language processing, the chatbot provides personalized assistance to end-users, resulting in reduced IT help desk dependency.

Unified Endpoint Management

Workelevate's platform-led end-user experience management allows IT teams to efficiently manage end-user devices, business applications, active directory operations and much more using a one-single console. It helps configure self-service capabilities for the end-users, create software repositories, automate employee onboarding and off-boarding, secure endpoints, and eliminate tedious routine tasks for the IT teams to focus on business goals.

Unified Endpoint Management
Live Remote Analyst Support

24x7 Live Remote Analyst Support

Workelevate provides live remote analyst support to businesses, enabling IT teams to monitor and remediate end-user devices remotely. This feature allows for quick and efficient issue resolution for critical requests, resulting in improved employee productivity. Our live remote services are driven by multi-level IT support teams, 24x7 NOC-SOC, and subject matter experts having 25 years of experience in end-user services.

80% - 85%

Queries Resolved with Zero Touch, Leveraging Workelevate Platform


Locations Managed Across Different Regions in India & Worldwide


Endpoints Under Management with Complete Visibility & Control


Tickets handled per month with a First Call Resolution (FCR) approach

Digital Workplace Management Offering

  • System Troubleshooting (one-click/ SOP based)
  • Ticket Management
  • Password Reset / Account unlock
  • Software Deployment
  • Printer Configuration & Support

  • Asset Inventory
  • Patch Management
  • Endpoint Compliance
  • Pulse Survey’s and Employee Experience Score

  • Get a callback
  • Chat with Analyst

Why choose Workelevate for Remote IT Support?

360° Remote IT Support

Remote IT support save small businesses significant costs associated with on-site IT staffing, including salaries, benefits, and office space.

24x7x365 Availability

By providing remote IT support around the clock, businesses can reduce help desk dependency, and optimize end-user device performance while saving cost.

Improved Response Time

A faster response time to IT issues can minimize the impact of downtime, saving businesses money from lost productivity and driving potential revenue.

Custom Pricing & Lower Cost

By leveraging economies of scale and providing services as per your requirements, we offer competitive pricing and lower overall costs.

Access to Tools & Expertise

Access to world-class IT tools, consulting and expert advisory services can save small businesses the costs associated with building these resources in-house.

Workelevate’s Remote IT Support Services for
Small Businesses – FAQs

Small businesses may not have the budget or resources to hire a dedicated IT support team or invest in the latest automation technology. By using remote IT support services, they can save significant costs associated with on-site IT staffing, including salaries, benefits, and office space. Also, remote IT support can help small businesses manage their employee IT support requests effectively, improve response time, and reduce downtime and lost productivity.
Workelevate's Remote IT Support Services automate the resolution of a large chunk of IT support requests using a self-servicing conversational AI chatbot, automated system healing, 24/7 live remote analyst support, and unified endpoint management. It leverages its seamless integration capabilities with ITSM tools and delivers lightning-fast technical assistance to the end-users working anytime and anywhere.
Remote IT support can improve productivity in small businesses in several ways, such as providing faster response time to IT issues, proactive resolution of system issues, simplified ticket management, efficient management of end-user devices, and customization and integration with popular ITSM tools enabling complete control and visibility of all endpoints. It can also help small businesses prevent system failures, lost productivity, and improve employee experience and team cohesion in a digital environment.
Workelevate offers custom pricing and lower cost for small businesses, depending on their specific needs, end-user count, and requirements. Businesses can contact Workelevate for a call and get a better understanding of the pricing.
Workelevate is a reliable IT support solution because it offers 360° remote IT support, 24x7x365 availability, improved response time, and lower cost compared to on-site IT staffing. It also provides live remote analyst support by multi-level IT support teams, 24x7 NOC-SOC, and subject matter experts having 25 years of experience in end-user services. Additionally, Workelevate's digital employee experience platform is easy to adapt, integrates with your existing systems, and unifies IT support operations efficiently.

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