Forrester's 2024 Report on Digital Workplace Services Featuring Workelevate | Download the Forrester Report
Forrester's 2024 Report on Digital Workplace Services Featuring Workelevate | Download the Forrester Report
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Elevate IT Audits with Workelevate Reports and Dashboards

Uncover Insights, Empower Decisions, Unlock the Power of Data for Seamless IT Operations

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IT Compliance and Dynamic Reports for Smarter Management

AIT Compliance and Dynamic Reports for Smarter Management

Reports and Dashboards – the heartbeat of your IT infrastructure. Our Reports Section not only ensures robust IT Compliance but also provides dynamic insights through comprehensive reports for more informed decision-making.

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Reports That Make IT Audits a Breeze!

Consolidated Summary Report

Gain overview of all activities – from AD operations to software installations. Address challenges proactively with insights into success and failure rates, recurring issues, and affected machines.

Hardware and Software Inventory Report

Detailed insights into hardware assets and installed software. Manage assets effectively with customizable reports tailored to your organization's specific attributes.

Troubleshooter Audit Report

Efficiently handle user issues with insights into troubleshooter success rates. Improve IT support by learning from past resolutions.

AD Audit Report

Monitor user actions – password changes, resets, and profile updates. Enhance security protocols with detailed insights, ensuring a robust AD environment.

Software Audit Report

Compile a comprehensive list of installed software. Manage software requests seamlessly, ensuring compliance with organizational policies.

Printer Audit Report

Gain an overview of printers in the organization. Efficiently monitor and manage your printing infrastructure with insights into system names and status.

Proactive and Self-Heal Report

Gain insights into self-healing actions performed by the Workelevate agent. Ensure optimal system health and reduce downtime.

Feedback Report

Capture user feedback seamlessly. Identify areas for improvement and enhance the user experience based on real insights.

Desktop Notification Report

Track broadcasted notifications and gathered valuable feedback related to notifications. Stay responsive to user needs with timely insights.

Ticket Management Report

Gain a comprehensive view of user tickets. Track and resolve pending issues effectively, ensuring a streamlined IT support process.

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Elevate your IT management experience with Workelevate Reports & Dashboards Section. Uncover the power of IT audits and Compliance, make informed decisions, and ensure a seamless IT environment.

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