Productivity & Collaboration
Application Support

Are these concerns holding
your business back?

  • No proper framework to adopt and implement an application for productivity & collaboration.
  • Spending more behind hiring a specialist.
  • Negative impact on end-user productivity due to lack of technical knowledge.
  • Downtime risks due to unavailability of immediate application support.
  • Inability to use the productivity & collaboration application to its full potential.
Are these concerns holding your business back?

How Workelevate Helps?

L0 Support
  • Product and technical information.
  • Manuals and FAQs.
  • Knowledge base with convenient search.
  • Continuous maintenance of all guiding materials.
L1 Support
  • Receiving and registering requests submitted via omnichannel.
  • Prioritizing support requests.
  • Efficient SOPs and ITSM processes.
  • Solving basic user issues under SLA.
  • Providing issue status updates according to an agreed SLA till resolution.


Why Workelevate for Productivity & Collaboration Application Support?

End-User Centricity

Workelevate drives user-centric support services that focus on the end-user’s needs while ensuring their productivity through robust application support. Be it any productivity & collaboration application, Workelevate Global Service Desk delivers services that not only help businesses drive the change but also make the most out of their application investments.

24x7 Instant Service

Delivering one-click remediations and instant live agent connect driven by the platform and global service desk respectively, the digital workplace service transformation solution enables faster service for end-users to get their app-related queries resolved quickly, allowing them to focus on their work without wasting any time due to delayed support.

Omnichannel Support

End-users are digital savvy people who prefer one single point of contact for all of their communication. Workelevate’s omnichannel availability across top business communication platforms makes it a perfect digital workplace support solution for end-users to get their queries resolved within the same environment they communicate for all purposes.

Cost Reduction

Productivity & Collaboration applications constitute a significant part of a business's IT investments which need to be optimized in order to maintain a cost-effective strategy that aligns with the business objectives. Workelevate helps organizations with application usage analytics and lifecycle management by enabling support services that ensure their efficiency and profitability.