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Released WEx(Agent) Version – 2.0.8

30st June 2022

WE Console & WEx (Agent)

New Features list –

1) Upgrading the search experience in WEx (Agent).

Now, the user can use the search bar to easily find the relevant contents in the software repository, printer configuration, troubleshooters, and useful links menu.

Upgrading the search experience
2) Giving Users an ultrafast approach to solving their daily productivity problems

We have built a troubleshooter bundle where Team Workelevate can create a one-stop solution for troubleshooters by combining multiple troubleshooters combined into one pack.

3) Added new troubleshooters in WEx Troubleshooter repository

We have added a plethora of new troubleshooters for the user to enhance their productivity in their workplace.

  • Disable Windows automatic updates
  • Script to lock the system
  • Troubleshooter-disable auto update of java
  • Turn firewall on/off
  • Clear cookies on Edge
  • Disable cookies
  • Disable pop-up blocker
  • Enable cookies
  • Enable MS teams to Add to MS Outlook
  • Enterprise Vault Reset
  • Search highlights issue in Outlook
  • Unable to add an attachment in Outlook
  • Unable to download attachments from Outlook
  • Unable to view recently used documents
4) Added new software to our Software Deployment menu

Following is a list of the bunch of software that we have made accessible for our users –

  • Java 8.33
  • Adobe Writer
  • VLC media player
  • Zoom
5) Upgrading the AD operations Module

Now the admin can allow trusted IPs to perform AD operations from the public network.

Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Improving the Agent Update/Uninstallation experience for end users. Now our users can have a real-time look at the process.
  • Designed a new tab that displays the basic information about the WEx.
  • Now, the registry changes on your printer can only be made when the Admin gives the permission to do so.

WE Chatbot

New Features list –

1) Reduced ‘Check Ticket Status’ Steps

We have reduced the time an employee spends to check a ticket’s status. We have reduced the no. of checks by removing the dependency on the phone number of the user.

Check Ticket Status Reduced ‘Check Ticket Status’ Steps
2) Upgraded Chat experience with Live tech Analyst

We have configured the WE chatbot live chat feature in such a way that the user as well as the live tech analyst could push multiple messages proactively (even if the user at the other end is not replying).

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