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IT Asset Inventory Management with Workelevate UEM

Streamline IT Asset Inventory with Precision and Ease

Welcome to Workelevate, where Unified Endpoint Management meets the pinnacle of efficiency. Our IT Asset Inventory Management feature empowers your organization with comprehensive tools to streamline, monitor, and manage your IT assets effortlessly.

IT Asset Inventory

Discover. Monitor. Elevate.

In the fast-paced world of technology, visibility into your IT assets is paramount. Workelevate's unified agent ensures a meticulous scan and discovery of assets across Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. Experience the power of unified data retrieval, maintaining consistency across your entire organization.

Gain a holistic view of your IT landscape with intelligent IT asset categorization. Workelevate classifies assets into IT assets, non-IT assets, asset components, software, and groups. This clarity simplifies identification, monitoring, and effective management of assets.

Workelevate's IT Asset Inventory Management feature goes beyond the basics. Create custom Product Types, input vendor details, and enhance decision-making with comprehensive product information. Empower your organization with the knowledge they need to optimize your IT asset inventory.

Efficient IT asset inventory management begins with smart grouping. Workelevate offers both static and dynamic grouping options. Manually add resources with static grouping, or automate the process with dynamic grouping based on specified criteria. Your assets, your way, always organized.

Stay ahead of software assets and licenses effortlessly. Workelevate's Software Asset Management feature allows you to categorize software by type, license, and vendor. Visualize compliance through intuitive charts for a quick understanding of your software landscape.

Configure and monitor relationships seamlessly with Workelevate's Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Gain insights into business-critical asset relationships during network infrastructure changes or root cause analysis. Workelevate provides a comprehensive understanding of your network's interdependencies.

Break free from bottlenecks in discovering and mapping your IT asset landscape. Workelevate's unified agent ensures a smooth discovery process across different operating systems. Uniform data retrieval and updates to the AssetExplorer database make asset discovery a breeze.

Diverse Scanning Techniques

Remote Access tool is tailored to address a wide range of use cases, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. These include, but are not limited to:

Network Range Scans

Network Range Scans

Discover and track IP devices seamlessly with WorkElevate's advanced network and network range scanning capabilities. Enter the network name or range, and let WorkElevate compile assets onto your dashboard.

Individual Asset Scan

Individual Asset Scan

Precisely target specific assets by providing their unique IP address. This personalized and focused approach enhances your overall asset management strategy. Gain unparalleled control and insights into critical assets.

Manual Import

Manual Import

In unconventional situations or when equipped with a CSV file of assets, seamlessly import the file to WorkElevate. Add all assets effortlessly to AssetExplorer, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive asset integration process.

Elevate Your IT Asset Inventory Management with Workelevate UEM

Empower your organization with Workelevate UEM's comprehensive IT Asset Inventory Management solution. Take control of your IT assets, enhance efficiency, and gain unparalleled insights.

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We Are Trusted by

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IT Asset Inventory

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