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Your Digital Workplace Management Solution

Maximize Your Business Potential with Better Employee Experience

In today's digital age, where remote work culture is becoming increasingly popular, businesses need to adopt the right technologies to manage their workforce. Workelevate integrates various tools and applications used in the workplace, into one unified platform. Combined with remote services, it enhances the employee experience, leading to increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and better digital workplace management.

Your Digital Workplace Management Solution

Say Goodbye to Digital Workplace Challenges

  • Ensure necessary tools and infrastructure are in place.
  • Support employees working from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Have a plan for endpoint visibility and compliance in the remote work context.
  • Implement robust endpoint protection measures.
  • Protect against cyber threats, especially in hybrid and remote work environments.
  • Develop a framework for effective process and change management.
  • Ensure smooth implementation of changes in the digital workplace.
  • Address the risk of downtime and lost productivity.
  • Implement strategies like self-help support, AI chatbot, and end-user services to improve the employee experience.

Workelevate By Progressive Does It All!

Start With the Right Digital Workplace Management Solution

AI Chatbot

Conversational AI is a useful tool for providing personalized assistance to end-users. By using chatbots, organizations can offer a single point of contact for all digital workplace support needs. These chatbots use AI and machine learning algorithms to provide quick and accurate responses to user inquiries for workplace needs.


It is a valuable feature that allows end-users to access one-click fixes and self-help resources for common issues. This feature can reduce resolution times, improve the user experience, and drive digital dexterity. It also decreases the need for help desk dependency, freeing up resources for business-critical processes.

Automated System Healing

Also known as Self-healing IT, this feature uses automation and proactive monitoring to improve system health and performance. It allows live remote agents to monitor and remediate end-user devices in real time, preventing downtime and reducing the risk of productivity loss. Businesses can ensure their systems are always operational.

Device & Infrastructure Support

This digital workplace support feature provides technical assistance to end-users for their devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It helps users with common issues and includes remote support, maintenance, updates, and security management. Overall, it is a critical component of any digital workplace management solution, providing employees with the necessary resources.

L0, L1 Business Application Support Services

L0, L1 Business Application Support Services provide technical assistance for business-specific software applications. This feature helps organizations leverage productivity and collaboration tools to streamline work processes and enhance communication. By providing support for these tools, businesses can help their employees work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity.

ITSM Integrations

80% - 85%

Queries Resolved with Zero Touch, Leveraging Workelevate Platform


Locations Managed Across Different Regions in India & Worldwide


Endpoints Under Management with Complete Visibility & Control


Tickets handled per month with a First Call Resolution (FCR) approach

Discover the Future of Work

Elevate Your Team's Output with Digital Workplace Management

Digital Workplace Experience Management
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness of end-users.
  • Monitors and addresses end-user issues.
  • Focuses on end-user satisfaction.
One-stop Solution for All Digital Workplace Needs
  • Enables a fully digital workplace.
  • Supports productivity applications and technologies.
  • Ensures seamless connectivity and collaboration.
Virtual Meeting Room & Townhall Management
  • Ensures seamless connectivity for virtual meetings.
  • Resolves technical issues in real time.
  • Connects remote and in-office workers.
BYOD – Mobile Device Management
  • Enables access to apps and data on any device.
  • Delivers support and maintains visibility and control.
  • Supports ‘Bring Your Own Device’ preferences.
Smooth Onboarding & Offboarding of Employees
  • Speeds up onboarding and offboarding.
  • Saves time using automated workflows.
  • Helps start employees off on the right foot.
Virtual Workplace / Desktop Management
  • Enables higher availability with Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI).
  • Supports Desktop-as-a-service and VDI management.
  • Delivers a hassle-free digital workplace experience.

End-User Device Support

Business Application Support(L0/L1)

Quick Overview - 360° Digital Workplace Management

  • Provisioning of software
  • Configuration of printers
  • End-user device management
  • Business and collaboration application support

Automated solutions for technical support inquiries, Effortless and quick resolutions

  • Seamless onboarding and offboarding
  • Leave management
  • Benefits and claims management
  • Employee communication

Reduces HR department's workload with automated workflows, Saves time and effort

Why choose Workelevate by Progressive for
Managed Digital Workplace Services?

Digital Workplace Management with Workelevate - FAQ’s

A digital workplace is a modern work environment that leverages technology to enable new, more effective ways of working, increase employee engagement and agility, and utilize employee-oriented styles and technologies.
A digital workplace offers various benefits such as improved productivity, better collaboration among employees, enhanced communication and knowledge sharing, increased flexibility and mobility, and greater job satisfaction. By investing in digital workplace transformation technology, organizations empower their workforce to work seamlessly and efficiently.
Creating a digital workplace requires organizations to focus on the workforce's ability to creatively exploit digital technologies. This can be achieved by investing in digital workplace tools and services that cater to the employees' needs, encouraging the adoption of new technologies and digital dexterity, and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
Digital workplace management services refer to the various technology solutions that facilitate the modernization of work processes and support employees in their day-to-day work activities. These services include cloud-based collaboration platforms, mobile applications, virtual meeting tools, and enterprise social networks, along with remote support services for the same.
Digital workplace tools are software applications and technology platforms that aim to improve the quality of work, making it easier and more efficient. These tools include project management software, productivity and collaboration tools, digital communication tools, and document management systems, among others.
Digital workplace management offers various benefits to employees, such as increased flexibility, better workflows, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced productivity, and quicker access to resources and knowledge. By providing employees with the necessary tools and technology to manage their work effectively, organizations can create a positive employee experience and foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
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