Forrester's 2024 Report on Digital Workplace Services Featuring Workelevate | Download the Forrester Report
Forrester's 2024 Report on Digital Workplace Services Featuring Workelevate | Download the Forrester Report
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Business Application Support

Empowering Employees with Seamless AI-Powered Support for Maximum Business Applications Efficiency to Improve Outcomes.

Business Application Support
Are these concerns holding your business back?

Are these concerns holding your business back?

  • Lack of a framework for process management and change management.
  • The need to recruit & incur additional costs in hiring a specialist.
  • Risk of downtime and loss of productivity.
  • Interruptions in the end-user experience.
  • Optimizing ROI on business applications.

Why Your Business Needs Technical Support for Software & Applications?

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, businesses of all sizes are integrating technology into their daily operations. From customer relationship management systems to financial management software, business applications have become an essential part of modern-day organizations. However, with the increasing reliance on these applications, the importance of business application support has also grown.

Business applications support is critical for organizations that use software applications to manage their daily operations. It can help increase efficiency, improve decision-making, enhance security, improve customer service, and save costs. By understanding the different types of business applications support available, organizations can ensure that their applications are functioning correctly and achieving their intended purpose.

Technical Support

How Workelevate Helps?

  • Product and technical information.
  • Manuals and FAQs.
  • Knowledge base with convenient search.
  • Continuous maintenance of all guiding materials.

  • Receiving and registering requests submitted via omnichannel.
  • Prioritizing support requests.
  • Efficient SOPs and ITSM processes.
  • Solving basic user issues under SLA.
  • Providing issue status updates according to an agreed SLA till resolution.

Business Applications We Support

In today's fast-paced business world, downtime can be costly. That's why it's critical to have reliable support for your essential business applications. Workelevate provides a comprehensive solution for application support, ensuring that end-users can quickly and easily get the technical assistance they need to stay productive. Here's a list of the applications that Workelevate supports to keep your business running smoothly.

Custom Application

SOP based L0 & L1 support for custom applications

Why Workelevate for Business Applications Support?

End-User Centricity

Workelevate drives user-centric support services that focus on the end user's needs while ensuring their productivity through robust application support. Be it any business application, Workelevate Global Service Desk delivers services that not only help businesses drive change but also make the most out of their business application investments.

24x7 Instant Service

Delivering one-click remediations and instant live agent connect driven by the platform and global service desk respectively, the digital workplace service transformation solution enables faster service for end-users to get their app-related queries resolved quickly, allowing them to focus on their work without wasting any time due to delayed support.

Omnichannel Support

End-users are digital savvy people who prefer one single point of contact for all of their communication. Workelevate’s omnichannel availability across top business communication platforms makes it a perfect digital workplace support solution for end-users to get their queries resolved within the same environment they communicate for all purposes.

Cost Reduction

Business applications constitute a significant part of a business's IT investments which needs to be optimized in order to maintain a cost-effective strategy that aligns with the business objectives. Workelevate helps organizations with lifecycle management by enabling support services that ensure their efficiency and profitability.

Workelevate Business Applications Support – FAQs

Business Applications Support refers to the service provided by a team of IT professionals who help businesses in maintaining, managing, and supporting their enterprise-level applications. This support can include technical assistance, troubleshooting, software upgrades, and maintenance.
Workelevate's Business Applications Support team provides comprehensive support to help end-users stay productive with business applications and avoid downtime. Our platform enables L0 support while the live remote teams offer L1, L2, and L3 support that includes proactive monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure that your business applications are running smoothly. We provide technical support through various channels such as email, phone, and chat so that your employees can get quick resolutions to their technical issues.
Workelevate provides comprehensive application support for a wide range of business-critical applications. Leveraging custom API integrations, Workelevate's software can support almost every type of application necessary to maintain smooth business processes. Commonly supported applications include messaging apps, project management tools, productivity suites, virtual connectivity software, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, human resources management systems (HRMS), information technology service management (ITSM) tools, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, supply chain management (SCM) systems, and many more. With Workelevate, you can be confident that your essential business applications will receive top-tier support.
Outsourcing Business Applications Support can offer a number of benefits to businesses, including access to specialized expertise, reduced costs, and improved efficiency. By outsourcing IT support services, businesses can also free up internal resources to focus on core business operations.
Business Applications Support can help businesses save money in a number of ways. By providing proactive maintenance and upgrades, IT teams can help prevent downtime and reduce the risk of costly system failures. Additionally, by providing technical support to end-users, IT teams can help reduce the time and resources spent on troubleshooting and issue resolution.
Workelevate by Progressive is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking robust technical assistance, including support for business applications. Trusted by companies worldwide, Workelevate offers self-service capabilities that enable end-users to resolve their requests autonomously, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime. However, in some cases, human intervention may be required, and that's where Workelevate's live remote support team comes in. Available 24x7x365 days, our team ensures seamless business operations, providing you with the peace of mind that your critical business applications are always up and running smoothly. Choose Workelevate by Progressive for reliable and efficient business application support.
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