Why Workelevate? – Time to Rethink Employee Experience in a Digital World

Why Workelevate? – Time to Rethink Employee Experience in a Digital World
The future of work is here! Businesses are running hybrid. Employees are working anytime, anywhere and on any device. Workplace services have evolved from being hardware-centric to service-centric and now Experience centric.
Businesses must eliminate digital workplace issues to avoid the huge tech resources crunch and overcome hiring challenges. It’s time to redesign workplace services and Shift from service-based to experience-based approach to address employee needs.
Introducing Workelevate, a digital workplace service automation platform with support services. The platform provides quick resolutions to employee queries using an omnichannel chatbot, enabling self-service & self-healing capabilities, and simplifies ticket management.
Employees get all the support they need through the chatbot while crucial tickets get resolved by live agents available 24×7 for on-call as well as on-site support.
Workelevate encompasses a conversational chat bot that eliminates most of support requests by resolving them instantly, providing one-click resolutions. The platform seamlessly performs Active Directory User Management by resolving issues like password resets, account creation, deletion, and authentication. The digital workplace service automation platform has eliminated tedious routine tasks by streamlining service resolutions through automation-led workflows as well as live remote support.
Employees and business users can self-help while reducing the dependency on IT, HR & Field service desks. Specially designed for hybrid work, Workelevate maximizes support for remote employees as employee requests can be easily resolved using managed endpoints, simplifying ticket management and enabling enhanced workplace agility.
Technology has always been a key impetus towards exponential growth, and digital workplace transformation is increasingly becoming necessary to enable digital workplace improvements. Be it for all employees or service desk employees. Digital Workplace Service Transformation is pivotal to empower healthcare professionals and make them deliver better care.
Workelevate today to experience the future of work!