The Evolution of Workelevate  – A Digital Workplace Service Automation Platform

The Evolution of Workelevate
For every service, the end-user experience matters the most. Progressive Infotech identified this audacity and have been on the path of simplifying our services to elevate the end-user experience. To get rid of repetitive tasks, we started leveraging automation. We don’t want people indulged in resolving a problem because we believe it is an unscalable way of doing it. Therefore, we decided to create an automation-led platform to resolve most of the issues with zero-touch while only crucial issues demand human intervention.
Initially known as AutomateNext, we created Workelevate in 2018 as a script-based self-service automation platform to resolve high-volume, low-impact tickets. With robust research and development, we realized that 40% of the incidents are self-serviceable. Our analysis of existing clients showed similar results, and we saw clear traction for such a self-service platform, naming it Workelevate in 2019.
The development process went on to add new features, and in 2020 we made the platform generally available for our clients with features like Self-Service, Self-Healing IT & Experience Management. The feedback from our clients about the platform significantly helped us improve Workelevate, and we created a rule-based chatbot for end-users to communicate their queries making the bot answer them with the right solution.

Workelevate got launched in India and the Middle East as an end-user experience management platform with a rule-based chatbot and numerous use-cases. However, our team kept working on it and added some competitive features to make it more market-specific and enhance its reliability for top enterprises.

After implementing certain feature additions, we rebranded Workelevate as a platform with support services featuring a highly efficient delivery model. We were able to get it adopted across the workplaces of some of the top global Indian businesses. The pandemic acted as an impetus for businesses to adopt hybrid work, and that’s where Workelevate became a key facilitator of support services for employees working remotely in a digital workplace.
The digital workplace service automation platform with support services, is now being used some of the top Indian and global enterprises. Our product and engineering team is dedicatedly working to improve the platform with new features implementations. Recently, we were able to add HR Operations to the platform to help reduce HR desk dependency.